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On-Site Inventory 
Our company has established an inventory system that allows us to
locate any part you need in minimal time. When you need body parts,
hard-to-find detail pieces or hard parts, call us and discover how we
can quickly find the item you need with substantial savings. 


Tires and Wheels 
We stock a large selection of used Tires, Wheel Covers and Wheels
for any car or truck. 


Environmentally Right 
We use state of the art equipment to process every vehicle. From
high tech dismantling racks to an environmentally process for our
water waste. Remember, recycling the use of original parts contributes
to the well being of the planet and saves consumers money. By
|purchasing used equipment, you, too, are contributing to the environmental efforts. 

Used parts do compare to new parts. We are able to determine
which parts are in excellent condition, dismantle the vehicle
without harming the parts, and provide packaged, original equipment.
 Used automotive parts are originals from the manufacturer and not
replacement parts. As you can see, we have the stock on hand to
serve you. 


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